Keynote Speech: Big Data and Privacy Issues

Dr. Buğra Karabey
Microsoft Turkey 

With the advent of social networks, mobile technologies, smart phones, tablet devices, Web 2.0, prospective semantic Web, geolocation technologies and machine to machine communications (M2M) we are faced with a never before seen amount of Data -thus Big Data. We are also witnessing leap improvements in the data mining, machine learning techniques that will enable the analysis of this Big Data to come up with results that may be utilized for a plethora of purposes by the individuals, enterprises and even governments. As a result of these major changes we are sailing in uncharted territories from the perspective of Privacy and Data Protection of the individuals. Proper mitigation of the aforementioned issues necessitates a coherent effort within the domains of technology and policy to come up with legislations and regulations that will support the tech developments but at the same time fulfill the Privacy and Data Protection requirements of individuals.

Dr. Buğra Karabey is the National Technology Officer for Microsoft Turkey. In this role he engages closely with Turkish technology policy makers, standards organizations and the key technology influencers and is devoted on the improvement of the Turkish local software economy, innovation and entrepreneurship in Turkey utilizing Microsoft solutions and technologies as a lever. He also focuses on Information Security from an enterprise and National Security viewpoint.

Bugra Karabey holds a BS in Electronics Engineering from Bilkent University, an MBA, an MS in Information Systems from METU and a PhD in Information Security from METU. He also holds CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) and CIPP (Certified Information Privacy Professional) certifications. He has published technology and art articles on several journals and also has a pending US Patent on Information Security.

He has been active within the ICT sector for 18 years in Turkey and acted as the General Manager and Vice President for several technology companies.